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Snack Shack Volunteer Information

We have critical needs to support the Snack Shack. If you are considering volunteering but have questions, we have answers!

Q: What are the specific Snack Shack roles? 

There are four key roles.

1. Scheduler - This person is responsible for scheduling the adult volunteers and the student employees for each shift. 

2. Buyer /  Stocker - This role entails trips to Costco and US Chef Store and stocking both snack shacks. Maybe you make a weekly run to Costco for your family and this is an easy way to ensure we have needed supplies at the snack shacks.  

3. Opener / Closer - We will offer the Snack Shack for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday games. Responsibilities include:

Arrive 45 minutes before first pitch to turn everything on, e.g., hot dog and nacho cheese machines.
Ensure the area is clean and tidy to start each shift, counters are sanitized
Load cash in the register to make change
Set out condiments
Return at the end of the shift to count and collect money, shut down Square

4. Adult Onsite Supervisor - This person is here to support the student employees learn on the job and perform the role correctly. Responsibilities include;

Support the student workers
Run Square (electronic payment system)
Prepare food, including Shaved Iced
Restocking throughout the shift
Ensure student employees stay on task and have a mindset of customer service
Key perk of this role? You will have the best seat in the park to watch your action on the baseball diamond.

How can I sign up?

Sign up at Registration and we'll follow up with you.

Why do I need a Food Handlers Card?

It's necessary to understand how food must be handled for the public and an adult with a food handler's card needs to be present if the health department comes.

How long does it take to earn a Food Handler Card?

It will take about 20-30 minutes.  You can learn more here:

Why do you need adult volunteers? 

We need adult volunteers because food has to be purchased at Costco and Cash/Carry (US Chef) and stocked for both snack shacks; shifts must be scheduled using SignUp Genius, employees need o be paid and bank deposits need to be made each week.

What happens if you can't get adult volunteers? 

We can't open the snack shack. We’ve seen other Little League organizations close the doors on these beloved community institutions. 

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