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2022 Postseason All-Star and Honors Registration

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Postseason Registration Overview

LOLL Honors and All-Star Postseason Program

All-Stars and Honors registration is upon us!! If your child is interested in playing on a postseason team, Postseason Registration must be completed online through the LOLL website. There is an additional postseason fee of $100. Postseason registration closes on Monday, May 16th and teams will be announced no later than Monday, May 23rd. Below, you’ll find information regarding both All-Star and Honors Teams selection processes, time commitments, and tentative schedules. If you have any questions regarding the postseason program, feel free to visit our website programs for additional information.

LO Little League All-Stars

Players selected for All-Stars play a rigorous postseason schedule. All-Star teams will practice about 5-6 days per week starting the second week of June and continuing throughout June and into July. Majors All-Stars could potentially play until the end of August. A player should not sign up for All-Stars unless he is willing to commit to 100% of the potential schedule. All-Stars is not recreational baseball, it is competitive baseball. Playing time will not be equal and must be earned. Players may not play in the same positions that they did during the regular season. Tournament schedules are described below for the various age groups. Players may be selected into Majors (Age 10-12 Little League Age), 11U (Age 9-11 Little League Age) or 10U (Age 8-10 Little League Age). Baseball age is determined by consulting the 2022 Little League® Age Chart

Players chosen to play on ANY of the All-Star teams should be prepared for various fees outside of registration (i.e. travel, hotels, swag, etc.). They will also be asked to provide various forms of proof of residency/boundary inclusion & proof of age.

All-Star Selection Process:

Majors 10-12 All-Stars:

All American League players will be given a ballot in mid May and asked to vote for three All-Star registered players that they feel have had an exceptional spring baseball season and should be playing on the LOLL All-Star Team. The three players receiving the most votes will be placed on the Majors All-Star Team. The American League managers & Umpire-In-Chief will determine, by consensus, the remaining roster.

Being selected as a Majors All-Star is a tremendous accomplishment and an opportunity to represent our LO community. If selected, it is expected that the player is a great teammate and represents our community in a positive light. It is also important that players and parents understand that our postseason is the equivalent of a baseball immersion program. Players are expected to participate in 100% of practices (5 days a week) and social events. In addition, the team will play "friendlies" and competitive, club level tournaments before the LL postseason tournament begins in July.  Parents may be asked to help carpool or arrange meals and snacks. Parents must agree that by "opting in," they fully understand that the Little League postseason minimum play requires only that a player must receive one at-bat with a 13 player roster. While the coaches cannot guarantee the amount of playing time for a player, each player will receive quality coaching, repetitions in practice, and a memorable experience.

Tournament Schedule – a team must win each tournament to progress to the next one.

  • May-June, local tournaments for preparation

  • July 5-12, LL District 4 Majors All-Star tournament in Lake Oswego, OR

  • Late July, LL Oregon State Majors All-Star tournament in Hermiston, OR

  • Early August, LL Northwest Regional Tournament, San Bernardino, CA

  • Late August, LL World Series, Williamsport, PA

9-11 All-Stars:

Players will be selected for the 9-11 year-old All-Star Team by the American League Managers & UIC.

Tournament Schedule – a team must win each tournament to progress to the next one. Late June, local tournaments for preparation

  • Mid-June, local tournament for preparation

  • July 5-9, LL District 4, 9-11 All-Star tournament, location TBD

  • Mid-Late July, LL Oregon State 9-11 All-Star tournament in Hermiston, OR

Minors 8-10 All-Stars:

8-10 year olds playing in National or American League are eligible for this team. National League Managers & UIC select eligible players who have had an exceptional 2021 spring baseball season.

Tournament Schedule – a team must win each tournament to progress to the next one.

  • Mid-June, local tournament for preparation

  • June 23-30, LL District 4, Minors 8-10 All-Star tournament, location TBD

  • Mid July, LL Oregon State Minors 8-10 All-Star tournament, location TBD

LO Little League Honors Teams:

Players that are interested in extending their season, but are not ready to commit to the rigorous All-Star schedule should consider playing Honors. Honors teams will practice a couple of days during the week of June 7-11. The Honors teams will then compete in local LL District 4 Honors tournaments, June 17-22. The short Honors season ends at the conclusion of this tournament.

11-12 Honors:

After the All-Star Teams are determined, players will be selected to play Honors. The 11-12 Honors team will be a mixture of eleven and twelve year-olds, composed of players not participating in All-Stars. Depending on interest and availability, one or two balanced teams will be formed. Practices will start on 6/7. The LL District 4 Majors Honors tournament begins 6/17 in Wilsonville and lasts about a week.

8-10 Honors:

After the All-Star Teams are determined, players will be selected to play Honors. It is the goal of LOLL that all players who sign up for 8-10 Honors will play on a team. Depending on interest and availability, a maximum number of balanced teams will be formed. Practices will start on 6/7. The Minors Honors tournaments begin on 6/17 in Metro Portland & last about a week.

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