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National League Game Information

Let's go around the horn on a variety of topics.

1.  Review any COVID restrictions that may be in effect.  Currently the City of Lake Oswego is not anticipating any COVID restrictions going into the Spring 2022 season. 
2.  If you encounter any problems with other user groups call Ben the park ranger. Other groups rent space on adjacent fields and will sometimes spill over to ours.  If you encounter difficulty, it is best to just call Ben and avoid any problems.  His number is 971 563 8059
3.  Review the Local Rules.  Key takeaways:
    a. Every player must get at least one (1) turn in the infield within the first four innings of the game unless there is an obvious safety issue.
    b. No player shall sit two consecutive innings
    c. Teams shall bat all players in the lineup
4.  Ensure you understand the pitch counts/days rest requirement and pitcher/catcher rules.  This gets someone every year.
    a.  Keep the arms healthy.  A good rule of thumb is to keep a pitcher under 35 in April and 50 in May.
5.  Game Day operations
    a. Home team gets 3rd base dugout, Away team gets 1st base dugout.
    b. Field Maintenance - shared.  Let's have the home team handle the pre-game and lining of the field; Away team will handle the post game.
    c.  Game Balls - Balls will be supplied by the home team with 2 given to the umpires during pre-game.  Keep a few spares just in case they get lost.
6.  In Game 
    a. Be nice to the umpires.  They are kids and it is just as important that they have a good experience.  If you have a question about a call, only one coach should approach them.
    b.  Ensure your scorekeeper reconciles with the other team's scorekeeper at least every inning if not every half inning.  Scores and pitch counts are reported by the home team after each game and once reported they are indisputable.  Synching often during the game and a final synch before reporting will help avoid difficult situations.
7.  Post Game
    a. Keep your post game chats with your team concise 
    b. Field maintenance (as per above)
    c. Post Game score and pitch count reporting- do this within 24 hours of the game.  Google sheet link to be provided prior to first game.
    d. Protests - if you have an issue regarding a situation and an application of a rule, send it to NL Commissioner.
    e. Conduct - if you have an issue regarding coach or fan conduct, reach out to NL Commissioner to discuss so we can address it.

Reach out to the National League Commissioner if you have any questions.  Let's have a great season!

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